36: No BS Dating With Mark Groves

January 30, 2018

Mark Groves is a No BS dating expert who is helping people overcome relationship challenges through emotional intelligence. On this week's episode of Human Unleashed hear why he thinks you should never put your vangina where you wouldn't put your... If you're looking for advice on how to approach new relationships, a different outlook on boundaries, red flags and the importance of showing up as yourself then tune in for this enlightening conversation that cuts through all the bullshit. 



Mark Groves the Human Connection Specialist is an emotional translator, writer, speaker and coach. He helps his clients, who range from businesses and leaders to couples and individuals, understand their emotional matrix by mastering themselves through their words.

"I take what you think you want, find out what you really want, and give you the tools to achieve your goals."


Note Worthy:

2:23 Relationship Breakdown

5:42 Why We Take The Easy Way Out?

8:55 Shoulds And Shouldn'ts Of Dating

9:57 Unrealistic Expectations Aren't Fair

10:23 Own What You Want

13:33 When It's Time To Have The Conversation

16:00 The Narrative We're Avoiding

22:18 Red Flags 

24:07 Operating On Facts

25:34 Chasing People Who Are Unavailable

30:20 Raise Your Standards

32:08 Boundaries In Relationships

35:04 Being Friends With An Ex

38:38 Where I'm Fine Comes From

41:13 Biggest Turn Offs

44:51 The Right Time To Have "The Talk"

46:41 Listen To The Truth

47:51 How To Keep The Love Alive

51:26 Boundaries Webinar




"Have you ever actually met your true self? Don’t wait for another life catastrophe. Let’s Connect."


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Website: http://markgroves.tv/about/




35: No More Fucking Secrets With Jill Prescott

January 16, 2018

Jill Prescott the love seeker shares her story of trauma and its impact on her life on this week's episode. This talk is all about courageously transmuting adversity into faith with the practise of forgiveness and love. Tune in now to hear Jill’s powerful message of survival and the guidance that she has to offer with respect to sharing as an integral part of the healing process.



Jill Prescott is a Spiritual BadAss, committed to guiding people through trauma to freedom, with Love. She believes that the answers we seek on our journey are never more than our own heartbeat away, and helping people open the channels to accessing this inner wisdom is one of her spiritual super powers. 

Jill is a gifted natural intuitive, energy healer and oracle channel with a large dose of pragmatic wisdom, delivered to you with a gracious sprinkle of her well-known spiritual sass. For the last five plus years she has dedicated her life to honing these gifts, which has translated into life-altering programs and one-on-one work for her clients. 

Whether she is leading a workshop, speaking on stage or guiding you on a personal journey, her ability to hold a safe and sacred space for your healing allows deep transformation and opening. If you are interested in living a life unfettered from your past and full of possibilities for your future, Jill Prescott is the leading Spiritual BadAss you want to know. No matter how you work with her, expect to be witness to your own personal brand of magic. 

“We have all come into this life with the same purpose: Love. What’s to be learned, is your own particular expression of that Love in this world…and it begins within you.”


Note Worthy:

2:04 Her Story

9:35 Trauma And Sharing

13:51 Courage

16:30 Honour Your Journey

17:41 Energy Of Trauma

20:57 Hurt People, Hurt People

22:41 Process Of Forgiveness

26:24 Disconnecting From Yourself

31:53 Evidence And Faith

33:35 Vibration Of Secrets

34:30 Icing On A Shit Pie

37:50 Choosing Love

41:00 Asking For Permission



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Website: www.jillprescott.ca 



34: The Face Of Death With Jason Bax

December 26, 2017

Philosopher, Entrepreneur, Internet Marketing Guru, Actor, and Host of The Self Made Entrepreneurs show Jason Bax joins us this week. In this episode, Deidre Sirianni and Jason Bax talk about his face with death and how it aligned him with his purpose. They also talk about the key things every entrepreneur needs to be doing in their business to market and scale their business. Tune in now.



4:50 Stigma Around Anxiety & Depression

7:01 Unfinished Business

8:25 What Death Teaches You

10:00 Spiritually Incorrect

14:27 Living A Lie

15:30 Seeking Direction

19:26 What Are You Holding Onto?

21:40 Why?

27:52 Look At Your Life Backwards

37:46 Seeing Things Differently

40:11 Point Of Least Resistance

49:02 Being You

50:57 Marketing Your Business

53:45 Scaling Your Business

57:20 It's Not Your Traffic It's Your Offer

65:00 Focus On Solving One Problem








33: Don’t Quit Until You Win With Esther Marie

December 8, 2017

Esther Marie digital nomad, mom, and expert course creator joins us this week on The Human Unleashed Podcast. Her mission is to change the standard and rules around what working looks like and feels like for those who want to create personal and financial freedom. Tune into this episode now to soak up the laughter, tears, and valuable lessons.



Esther Marie is a credentialed teacher with experience in corporate and start up software product management and training.

She’s been working exclusively developing eCourses and workshop curriculum for the personal development and coaching industry since 2013. She also creates and launches her own online courses under Virtual Assistant Internship (hyperlink).

“Being able to take my teaching and curriculum development experience from the education and software sector into the private personal development sector has been an absolute joy. This is my passion and gift and I love being able to do what I love with our awesome clients!”

Esther is a Momma to a hilarious and beautiful 7-year-old little dude and a full-time digital nomad. They are currently living and traveling around Southeast Asia.

Note Worthy:

1:24 It Picks You

6:25 12 Month Transformation

8:12 Face It

9:55 Hardest Decision

10:23 Three Pages A Day

12:06 This Is NOT It

15:20 90 Day VA

17:07 Force Industry To Change

18:16 The Only Reason She's Successful

19:40 Ups And Downs

23:01 Plenty Of Fish In The Sea

25:15 Charging Your Worth

29:43 Money And Beliefs

32:30 Course Creation Tips

39:00 Don't Quit Until You Win










32: From Your Bedroom To Your Business With Baljit Rayat

November 27, 2017

Baljit Rayat the founder of Lotus Destiny joins us this week to talk about how the way you show up in the bedroom is related to how you show up in your business. This episode is about healing, evolving, and stepping into your sexuality to increase your creativity and your overall success. Tune in now to listen to this juicy conversation.


Baljit Rayat is the founder of Lotus Destiny™ and Creator of the Lotus Destiny Star Activation™ system, an Akashic Records Consultant and Teacher who powerfully connects you to your Soul’s Purpose so you can bring your gifts and talents into reality. Baljit has been doing Akashic Records readings since 2006 and has served thousands of people globally assisting them on attracting healthy relationships in all areas of their life by connecting them to their authentic sensual power, and living their truth.

Note Worthy

9:00 Depression & Anxiety

12:10 Activation Relationships

18:05 Sexual Energy & Boundaries

22:49 Getting In Touch With Your Sexuality

26:01 When You're Disconnected

30:03 The Bedroom And Your Business 

33:10 Moving Forward

38:25 Every Soul Is Different

42:14 Stop Avoiding Your Sexual Energy




Website: www.lotusdestiny.com

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lotusdestiny/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BaljitRayat


31: Conscious Sexuality & The Me Too Movement With Rachel Howard

November 7, 2017

Rachel Howard is a Sex Coach who is passionate about helping others heal from past traumas and understand conscious sexuality. In this episode, we dive into what Conscious Sexuality is, what really happens in porn, the "me too" movement, and personal transformation. This episode is intense, hilarious, serious at times, and a must listen. Tune in now, and don't forget to share this episode with your friends.



Rachel Howard's coaching and healing work is a result of her journey of healing herself.  After many years of learning multiple modalities, working with various teachers, shaman and healers, she decided to use that knowledge to help others.  She specializes in coaching others through relationships, trauma, sexuality and self-expansion and acceptance.  She has been studying Tantra for over 10 years, is a certified coach in Repairing Core Fractures and Healing Toxic Emotions through International Best Selling author/teacher Dawn Clark, is certified as a Sex Coach specializing in Erotic Blueprints, trained in EFT, Meditation, Yoga, Grief counseling and various other modalities.  

Note Worthy:

1:50 Erotic Blueprints

6:30 How She Found This Work

8:50 Path To Healing And Abundance

13:40 Repairing Core Fractures

17:56 The Struggle Isn't Real

20:38 Conscious Sexuality

22:01 What Really Happens In Porn

31:44 The "Me Too" Movement

40:17 Personal Experiences With Trauma

45:30 You're More Powerful Than You Know






30: Honest Entrepreneurship With April Bellia

September 12, 2017

 The Founder and CEO of Granola Girl April Bellia joins us to talk about Honest Entrepreneurship and shares her biggest lessons and struggles from her journey. She opens up about what building a business really looks like and offers insight to those who are getting into this space. This episode is a must listen for anyone who is in business or thinking of starting one! Tune in now!



 Granola Girl was incorporated in Vancouver in 2011 and founded by April Bellia. She is an entrepreneur with a baking background and has grown the company that services over 250 grocery stores in Western Canada. April is a wife and mother of 3 teenagers so she understands the importance of providing good and healthy food for families and young people. Granola Girl has recently launched the Granola Girl Foundation which is a fundraising platform to provide scholarships for kids in the areas of girl empowerment and entrepreneurship. 


Granola Girl is a cereal and snack made in Vancouver Canada. We use all natural and organic ingredients for a quick easy breakfast served with milk or yogurt and fresh fruit and berries. Granola Girl can also be enjoyed as a snack after school or post workout. It is lightly sweetened with maple syrup and organic cane sugar and also contains superfoods like hemp hearts and goji berries.


Note Worthy:

2:30 How Entrepreneurship Found Me

6:55 Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should

9:02 The Journey

11:10 Inner Guidance 

13:45 When To Know If You Should Try Harder Or Give Up

16:00 Speaking Your Truth

16:30 Don't Change Yourself To Please Others

21:00 Good In The Hood

28:50 Daily Rituals

34:60 You Are NOT Your Business





FB: https://www.facebook.com/thegranolagirl/?fref=ts



29: Your Body Knows The Way With Dr. Nick Jensen

August 28, 2017

Dr. Nick Jensen joins us on this week's episode to talk about natural medicine and how your body intuitively knows the way to healing itself. He shares his non-negotiables when it comes to his health and shares valuable information on natural healing. 



Dr Nick grew up in the small town of Osoyoos B.C and completed his undergraduate degree in Biology at Okanagan University College, now known as UBC Okanagan. He went on to attend Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, graduating in 2007 as a licensed Doctor of Naturopathic medicine. Following graduation, his desire to deepen his understanding of other healing modalities took him to South East Asia and India with his now wife and business partner Dr. Sonya Jensen.


They Opened Divine Elements in 2009 and in 2012 implemented the Truebalance-Bioidentical Hormone Replacement therapy program under the mentorship of Dr Ron Brown OBGYN which has successfully treated thousands of patients. The addition of this powerful and effective treatment into the clinic, along with the strong foundation in the holistic approach of Naturopathic medicine, gives Dr. Nick many ways to work with his patients in helping them achieve a life filled with balance and vitality.


Note Worthy:

1:29 Getting To Know Dr. Nick

2:45 Why Behind Prevention

7:30 The Dilemma

10:05 Mindset

14:28 Worthiness 

19:50 Environment

23:45 His Top Health Hacks

33:20 Complimentary 40 Day Self-Care Challenge

35:00 Final Words








28: Transform Your Life Now With Deidre Sirianni

August 16, 2017

 Deidre Sirianni is a life and business strategist who works help people step into their truth and own it unapologetically in business and in life. This episode is for anyone who is ready to step into the best version of themselves. She shares the three musts for transforming your life in this episode. Tune in now!

 Note Worthy:

0:44  Introduction

3:45 Process Of Changing Your Life

4:20 Physiology

10:17 Shifting Your Mindset

14:17 Your Environment

20:00 Laws Of Expansion And Contraction



Retreat Details: www.deidresirianni.com/retreats/


27: Evolution Of The Heart With Bill & Patricia

July 28, 2017

Bill and Patricia of Evolution Of The Heart are guides and healers who are committed to helping others step into their hearts. In this episode, we talk about what causes the disconnect, and how to reconnect with your soul and heart on a deep level to heal and transform. You'll also experience a deep heart opening meditation in this episode so please don't listen to this episode and drive for safety purposes.



Together Bill & Patricia support you to build a foundation, providing tools for strength in the emotional and spiritual domain, yielding flow and freedom to be who you have come here to be. A life of awakening is not one in which we never fall into a dark valley, it is one in which when we fall, we have learned how to move through it. We develop emotional muscle in order to rise. This is the inner work of the soul. Bill & Patricia guide you to that which is unhealed, exposing how these hurts and emotions rule our lives. You are able to face yourself, learn to untangle from these aspects that have a powerful impact and influence. In the discovery of new awareness and integration, you begin to experience wholeness. Embrace all emotion, letting go of resistance and live in the present moment. With sensitivity, strength, and skill, Bill and Patricia facilitate working through levels of trauma, pain, grief, and anger in order to guide people to their own divine nature. As these wounds heal, you are able to discover the depths of self-acceptance and forgiveness.

Note Worthy:

4:00 Coming Together

6:50 Deeper Opening

8:43 Heal. Shift. Transform.

12:00 Integrating Emotions

14:15 Anxiety Blocks The Flow

16:30 Expectations And Disappointment

17:48 Hustle To Being In The Flow

19:16 Staying In Your Authenticity

20:54 Meditation

36:20 Take The Steepest Path

38:09 Living On The Edge




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Twitter @heartevolution