33: Don’t Quit Until You Win With Esther Marie

December 8, 2017

Esther Marie digital nomad, mom, and expert course creator joins us this week on The Human Unleashed Podcast. Her mission is to change the standard and rules around what working looks like and feels like for those who want to create personal and financial freedom. Tune into this episode now to soak up the laughter, tears, and valuable lessons.



Esther Marie is a credentialed teacher with experience in corporate and start up software product management and training.

She’s been working exclusively developing eCourses and workshop curriculum for the personal development and coaching industry since 2013. She also creates and launches her own online courses under Virtual Assistant Internship (hyperlink).

“Being able to take my teaching and curriculum development experience from the education and software sector into the private personal development sector has been an absolute joy. This is my passion and gift and I love being able to do what I love with our awesome clients!”

Esther is a Momma to a hilarious and beautiful 7-year-old little dude and a full-time digital nomad. They are currently living and traveling around Southeast Asia.

Note Worthy:

1:24 It Picks You

6:25 12 Month Transformation

8:12 Face It

9:55 Hardest Decision

10:23 Three Pages A Day

12:06 This Is NOT It

15:20 90 Day VA

17:07 Force Industry To Change

18:16 The Only Reason She's Successful

19:40 Ups And Downs

23:01 Plenty Of Fish In The Sea

25:15 Charging Your Worth

29:43 Money And Beliefs

32:30 Course Creation Tips

39:00 Don't Quit Until You Win










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