Human Unleashed

42: Spa For The Soul With Suzanne Raja

September 11, 2018

Co-founder and lead trainer of WarriorSage, Suzanne Raja, joins us to guide us through finding our way back to the soul. After pulling back from life, Suzanne shares how she brought back her Peak Radiance into her everyday life and how you can do it too. Tune in now!


Suzanne Raja is a co-founder and lead trainer of WarriorSage, the multi-million dollar transformational leadership academy that has trained over 100,000 people worldwide. Her dynamic and heart-centered style has led her to speak on stages internationally.

Bringing together deep training in transformative, therapeutic, shamanic and movement modalities, Suzanne has crafted a unique process/path for outstanding women leaders to channel their brilliance, effectiveness, excellence, heart and leadership through their unique feminine intuitive perception, care and clarity.

Newly grounded, and fully expressed, the leaders who work this path with Suzanne, find that they are able to radiate their gifts in every aspect of their lives, sharing the best of themselves with a blend of vitality, flow and joy that is known as “Peak Radiance™ 

Note Worthy

2:30 What Is The Spa For The Soul?

4:00 Shhh-ing The Soul

6:52 Pulling Away

10:50 True Expression

14:01 Pulled Connection Away

17:06 Your Soul Wants A Voice

18:34 Peak Radiance

23:33 Group Process 

35:45 Overcompensating

35:45 Final Words





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