Human Unleashed

43: The Power Of Healing With Chase Trellert

September 27, 2018

Chase Trellert, founder of Medicine of Sound joins us this week to talk about the power of healing and how to heal yourself holistically. In this conversation we dive into the power of sound, healing, and plant based medicine. Tune in now to join the conversation! 


Chase Trellert is the founder of Medicine of Sound. He has traveled the world in search of different healing modalities to share with his friends, family and those in his local community. Some of his journeys have lead him to the Jungles of Peru to train with Shaman, to the Andes of Ecuador to learn ancient yogic practices and to South East Asia to Meditate with Monks. He combines many different modalities to weave a unique healing experience for all who attend his sessions. "My Sound Healing Journey began while I was living in Australia, I heard the didgeridoo and was awestruck." Since then he has collected all sorts of instruments, but his main passion has been with the Gong. He is excited to share all that he has learned with anyone and everyone!  


Note Worthy:

3:33 Plant Medicine

6:33 Sound Healing

10:50 Sounds Evoke Feelings 

14:10 Diving Into Yourself

17:50 Guiding Through Resistance

25:40 Distractions 

31:45 Atonement & Transgressions 

34:30 Opportunity To Feel

37:20 Discernment

40:35 Challenging Conversations

43:55 Self-Imposed Karma

50:00 Ayahuasca Journey

57:20 Biggest Takeaway From Ayahuasca 

1:03:30 Words To Live By