Human Unleashed

31: Conscious Sexuality & The Me Too Movement With Rachel Howard

November 7, 2017

Rachel Howard is a Sex Coach who is passionate about helping others heal from past traumas and understand conscious sexuality. In this episode, we dive into what Conscious Sexuality is, what really happens in porn, the "me too" movement, and personal transformation. This episode is intense, hilarious, serious at times, and a must listen. Tune in now, and don't forget to share this episode with your friends.



Rachel Howard's coaching and healing work is a result of her journey of healing herself.  After many years of learning multiple modalities, working with various teachers, shaman and healers, she decided to use that knowledge to help others.  She specializes in coaching others through relationships, trauma, sexuality and self-expansion and acceptance.  She has been studying Tantra for over 10 years, is a certified coach in Repairing Core Fractures and Healing Toxic Emotions through International Best Selling author/teacher Dawn Clark, is certified as a Sex Coach specializing in Erotic Blueprints, trained in EFT, Meditation, Yoga, Grief counseling and various other modalities.  

Note Worthy:

1:50 Erotic Blueprints

6:30 How She Found This Work

8:50 Path To Healing And Abundance

13:40 Repairing Core Fractures

17:56 The Struggle Isn't Real

20:38 Conscious Sexuality

22:01 What Really Happens In Porn

31:44 The "Me Too" Movement

40:17 Personal Experiences With Trauma

45:30 You're More Powerful Than You Know