Human Unleashed

19: Darkness To Liberation With Marina Love

March 1, 2017
Marina Love is a passionate healer that has studied all over the world and her mission is to heal the world of broken hearts to discover life's greatest truths. Tune into this episode to learn how to transform your darkness into liberation and love.
Marina Love is a woman on a mission.  As the name suggests, she is uniquely tuned to the frequency of universal love – which she has catalyzed within her own life through extensive study all over the world of holistic, traditional and esoteric methods of healing, wellness, beauty and personal and spiritual development.  Channeling love in all she does, Marina is a passionate leader and healer, facilitating personal and group transformations through Goddess Circles, Cacao Ceremonies, Spiritual Psychotherapy, Holistic Nutrition and her empowerment projects such as Love Movement, Guiltless Chocolates, and the Godesspreneur Academy.  Her heart's mission is to help others tap into their deeper truths by seeing the unseen, hearing the unheard and feeling the unfelt, so that we may return humanity to heart-harmony based conscious living for the freedom, expansion, and sustainability of the greater good.
Note Worthy:
3:19 Personal Transformation
7:20 Disempowerment To Truth
8:58 Fear Is An Illusion
9:45 Compounded Lies 
11:08 Shattering Your Beliefs
13:50 Darkness To Liberation
15:00 Perfection Is Messy
16:40 What's Real Is How You Feel
18:13 Raising Your Vibration
23:15 Letting Go Of Judgement
33:45 How To Move Through Triggers
40:55 Vote With Your Dollars
49:55 Activation
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