Human Unleashed

9: Engineering Super Humans With Spencer Coppin

October 4, 2016

Spencer Coppin; Super Human Engineer joins us on today's episode to enlighten us on what a super human is and what you can do to create massive leaps in your performance as a human... and maybe even become a super human yourself.

Coppin is a functional medicine practitioner who is known for creating superhumans.
Designing personalized protocols for life is his passion. Helping individuals achieve an optimal state of wellness and performance. Coppin Health is the family operated business where he provides personalized medicine solutions and have been engineering Superhumans for 15 years. The Superhuman Summit their annual event where they explore human potential. Longevity experts, human augmentation visionaries, self-quantification professionals, and actual Superhumans achieving heroic feats all sharing their ideas, stories, and knowledge. 


Note Worthy

1:49 Discovering The Why
3:00 Functional Medicine 
10:10 How To Look And Feel Younger 
16:24 What Is A Super Human?
18:20 Super Human Engineering
22:20 Twenty Two For Life

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