Human Unleashed

12: Next Level Love With Daniel Packard

November 15, 2016

Daniel Packard is an internationally known transformational entertainer and trainer of love athletes. Tune into this episode to find out how you can attract the love you've always wanted and be on the right path to becoming a love athlete! You'll also learn how to shift your dating life from "Hurty" to "Flirty".

For over ten years, Daniel Packard has been a trainer of Love Athletes.  Love Athletes are people that are devoted to training themselves for inner greatness.  And then from that place of inner greatness, attract, create and enjoy the love greatness that is out there waiting for them. 
Note Worthy:

00:38 What Is A Love Athlete?
01:47 How To Become One
08:30 Is Your Dating "List" All Wrong?
10:00 Why All Your Bad Dates Are A Reflection Of...
17:11 A Mistake Most People Make
19:55 5 Ways You Reinforce Not Enoughness
25:56 Shifting Your Life From Hurty To Flirty
29:15  Next Level Love Course Now Launching