Human Unleashed

18: Breaking The Rules To Find Love With Daniel Packard

February 7, 2017

Daniel Packard is an internationally known love coach who is all about breaking the rules and going after what you really want.  In this episode we talk about the online dating scene pro's and con's as well as why too many people are settling in relationships. This episode is for anyone looking to improve their relationship with a partner or for someone who is in single and looking for love.


Note Worthy:

0:55  Why Online Dating Is Like Crack

13:03 Breaking The Rules

15:25 Authenticity Is Sexy

22:01 What's Holding You Back From Getting What You Want

25:05 Zombie Relationships

26:00 Why You're Settling In Relationships

29:19 Public Service Announcement - Don't Settle!

31:10 What Needs To Be Present To Have A 10/10 Love

35:25 Next Level Love