Human Unleashed

14: Peak Mindset With Mathew Park

December 13, 2016

Mathew Park is a performance business coach, motivational fitness speaker, and WNBF pro natural bodybuilder.  In this episode, he shares with us how you can level up in your mindset, business, and life.


Mathew Park grew up in a small town in Alberta where he began to pursue his dreams of becoming a natural pro bodybuilder.

Today Mathew is a performance business coach, motivational fitness speaker, WNBF pro natural bodybuilder, adventurous learner, and a man of strong faith. Mathew strives to educate, motivate and inspire others to find their true passion in understanding that they’re worthy. He is also the host of the very well known Peak Mindset Podcast.

His favorite quote is "What can be conceived in thought can be attained through action and persistent faith."

Note Worthy

2:05 Mathew In His Younger Years

5:40 Be You

7:46 Faith To Persist

10:20 Make It Or Break It Moment

13:00 Treat Your Clients Like Family

16:55 When You Declare Your Goal

18:15 From The Inside Out

20:08 What Matters When Shit Hits The Fan

24:20 What Holds Most People Back 

29:27 Let Your Intuition Guide You