Human Unleashed

7: The Power Of Manifestation With Adam Hart

September 6, 2016
Adam Hart, the Founder and CEO of "Power of Food",  joins us on this week's episode to share his personal story of transformation. Listen in to find out how you can make simple changes to achieve your goals and manifest the life of your dreams (and maybe even a best-selling book).
More about Adam:
Adam Hart is a former pre-diabetic, overweight, couch potato turned mountain athlete and best-selling author.  He is a highly sought-after keynote speaker who has performed over 400 speaking engagements in the past ten years.
As a proud father, loving husband, lifestyle entrepreneur and expert on living with more energy, Adam delivers tangible results to organizations across the globe by providing cost effective employee stress management solutions. When Adam is not on stage, he can be found rock climbing, ski touring, or preparing something delicious in the kitchen for his family.
Note Worthy:
2:05  Personal Struggle With Food
3:15 Hitting Rock Bottom
5:00 Occupational Burn Out And How To Prevent It
15:30 How Our Diets Could Be The Cause Of Our Allergies
20:05  First Step To Creating Change
23:30 Discovering The Space Between How You Feel And Act
29:49 Manifesting His Best Selling Book, "Power Of Food"
34:25 Launching Soon...
35:30 7 Day Challenge