Human Unleashed

1: Raw and Real with Dai Manuel

July 12, 2016

Dai shares pinnacle moments in his life that had led him to lead a raw and real existence. He shares the gutsiest thing he's ever done and gives his best advice for living a life of purpose. 

Dai Manuel is a coach, lifestyle mentor and bestselling author of the Whole Life Fitness Manifesto, an indispensable guide for a healthier mind, body and spirit. As a digital thought leader and lifestyle mentor, Dai empowers people to lead a ‘FUN’ctionally fit life through education, encouragement, and community. Dai models his work on the basis of 5 pillars: Fitness, Family, Finances, Faith with an overarching roof of ‘FUN’ built on a solid foundation of health.

Dai is also a dad, dating his wife, founding partner and former COO of Fitness Town Inc, keynote speaker, award-winning blogger, freelance writer, CrossFit coach, co-founder of the #YVRDads support group for fathers as well as an ambassador for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Note Worthy

7:40 Personal Manifesto 

18:10 Best Advice He's Ever Received

21:05 Gutsiest Thing He's Ever Done

26:28 Why Dai's Living Out Of His Suitcase

42:20 Shares Advice On Living an Unleashed Life

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Currently reading:
I recently finished, Greg McKeown’s Essentialism and a re-read of Paul Coelho’s “The Alchemist”.


I’m re-reading Richard Branson’s “Screw It, Let’s Do it” and Tribes by Seth Godin.

Favourite Quote:

“Your mind is at work all day, every day. Every decision you make, every challenge that you face, every moment you go through in life, your mind is your constant companion… and it can be your best friend or your worst enemy.” - Christopher Lloyd Clarke 

If you could take us back to three major turning points in your life, which songs would represent them?
Overcoming obesity (1990/91): Tragically Hip, “Up to Here” and “Blow at High Dough”


Giving up alcohol (2010): Jeff Buckley, “Hallelujah”

Marrying my wife (2012): Journey, “Don’t stop believing!”  

Favourite Treat?
I love avocados. So pretty much anything with an avocado makes my day… but I also love COCONUT ICE CREAM! Heck yes!