Human Unleashed

40: Co-dependancy Clearing With Gianna Rackham

August 14, 2018

Gianna Rackham is a dating coach who helps single spiritual women manifest their soulmate. This week on the show she joins us to talk about what manifesting your soulmate really looks like and how to identify unhealthy relationship patterns and how to clear co-dependancy. Join the conversation now!  


Note Worthy:

 4:56 Her AHA Moment

8:45 Hurt To Change

11:54 Are You In A Co-Dependant Relationship

15:19 Wants VS Needs

17:40 Internal To External

20:13 Overcompensation

23:18 Normalized Bullshit

27:15 Bait & Switch

29:07 How To Overcome Being Cheated On

42:50 When Your Desires Are Met



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