Human Unleashed

21: The Universe Speaks With Parneet Virdi

March 29, 2017

Parneet Virdi is a Psychic and Medium who believes we all have the gift to receive messages if we are open and aware of how the Universe is speaking to us. Tune into this episode to learn how to discover how the Universe may be trying to speak to you.



Parneet is a Psychic, Medium, Tarot Card Reader, and Healer. She was clairvoyant at a very young age and was able to see spirits throughout her life. This gift is now used to help others find peace with the loss of their loved ones. Training at Arthur Findlay College in Stanstead, England, participating in Psychic Fairs, and Message Nights around the Lower Mainland has inspired her to continue using her abilities to reach out and help others. Her mission is to help and heal others using gifts from Spirit.


Note Worthy

2:50 How You May Be Ignoring Signs

4:45 How To Connect With Your Intuition

8:50 Powerful Messages

14:10 Hope For Humanity

19:59 Universe Speaks Through You Stories

27:44 Final Piece Of Advice