Human Unleashed

6: The Compassionate Shaman Premasudha Janet Hobbs

August 22, 2016
Premasudha shares her personal story of how her son's miracle healing from terminal cancer brought her to leave her career as a journalist and move into truth.  Over the past 30 years, she's been travelling the world working with master healers to bring this work to her students in the west. If you're looking to step more into your heart, and your spirit make sure to tune into this episode.

Premasudha used to wonder why she had such trouble writing the kinds of articles considered desirable in her profession as a journalist. She knew there must be a way to live and honest, compassionate and successful life in this culture. The challenge of her life came when her young son was diagnosed with acute leukaemia. Two different cancer specialists told her his condition was incurable. She decided not to believe this news as she knew if she did, her son would die.  Within two weeks, someone put her in touch with Olga Worral, a famous American healer, who began working from a distance. Within three years, without any other treatment, Premasudha's son Ewan achieved full health. These experiences set Premasudha on her spiritual journey. For the past 30 years, she's been travelling the world working with master healers to bring this knowledge to her students in the west. Premasudha is a compassionate Shaman who believes that by tuning into your body and Universal love you can achieve a life of health and happiness.

Note Worthy:

00:40 Premasudha Shares Her Story
8:00 What Does A Compassionate Shaman Do?
12:08 How To Identify Your Ego VS Your True Self
15:40 How The Body Is A Mirror To Our Emotions
17:48 Is There Another  Way?
23:45  Intense Personal Transformation

32:40  How To Recognise Signs From The Universe

38:00  How To Find The Right Spiritual Teacher

39:44 How Premasudha Can Serve You

41:30  Final Words