Human Unleashed

34: The Face Of Death With Jason Bax

December 26, 2017

Philosopher, Entrepreneur, Internet Marketing Guru, Actor, and Host of The Self Made Entrepreneurs show Jason Bax joins us this week. In this episode, Deidre Sirianni and Jason Bax talk about his face with death and how it aligned him with his purpose. They also talk about the key things every entrepreneur needs to be doing in their business to market and scale their business. Tune in now.



4:50 Stigma Around Anxiety & Depression

7:01 Unfinished Business

8:25 What Death Teaches You

10:00 Spiritually Incorrect

14:27 Living A Lie

15:30 Seeking Direction

19:26 What Are You Holding Onto?

21:40 Why?

27:52 Look At Your Life Backwards

37:46 Seeing Things Differently

40:11 Point Of Least Resistance

49:02 Being You

50:57 Marketing Your Business

53:45 Scaling Your Business

57:20 It's Not Your Traffic It's Your Offer

65:00 Focus On Solving One Problem