Human Unleashed

5: The Spirit Of Entrepreneurship with William Oliver

August 8, 2016
Although weathered by the storms of entrepreneurship, William Oliver's spirit is what has led him to succeed.
Tune in to hear his highs, lows, and best advice for anyone who has a dream of becoming a real entrepreneur.


William is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. He spends all of his time helping other entrepreneurs and people live happier and healthier lives. William has done everything from corporate training to running a marketing agency to helping build a global media and publishing company in Malaysia. William's mission is to uplift humanity by creating products and services that make the world a more love and caring place, and by helping to spread more love and light into the world. The idea drives William that together we can create the world of our dreams.


Note Worthy

6:47 Dragon's Den Experience

10:45  Most Embarrassing Moment 

12:40 Why You Shouldn't Do It For The Money

15:30 How To Stay Motivated When Things Go Wrong

17:50 Higher Calling

21:20 Guttiest Decision

25:45 Advice For Future Entrepreneurs

29:50  Difference Between The Heart And The Mind

37:20 Finding A Mentor

39:05 2016 Theme Song

40:35 Routines And Practices

45:42  Final Words
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