Human Unleashed

22: Make Your Move with Jen Morilla

May 8, 2017

Jen Morilla is a social entrepreneur who has turned her passion for travelling and impacting communities into her full time career. In this episode she shares how quitting her 9-5 and following her heart, despite what others thought, was the best  that ever happened to her. Tune in to this episode to hear her story of transition and advice on how you can make your next move into doing what you love. 


Jen Morilla, also known as The Social Girl Traveler. Is a travel blogger and clean water carrier. Jen quit her corporate job in NYC two years ago for a budget and backpack and hasn't looked back since! She travels to inspire others to step out of their comfort zones and live life. She travels with a purpose carrying clean waters to third world countries, impacting an estimated 2000 lives! She's been to 35 countries on 6 continents and isn't' stopping anytime soon.


Note Worthy:

 2:40 Internal Dialgue Of Finally Quitting 

10:30 Moments Of Doubt 

11:45 Process Of Becoming The Social Girl Traveler

16:18 Make Moves & Do The Damn Thing

20:00 Waves For Water

29:18 Bali Collab This Fall With Deidre

30:30 What Moves Are You Going To Make?


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