Human Unleashed

26: Be A Marketing Genius with Earl Flormata

July 4, 2017

Earl Flormata AKA "The Evil Marketing Genius" has sold over 70 Million Dollars worth of services, and products and has raised over 100 Million Dollars for charities. He is one of the most sought after in the digital marketing and sales consultants in Vancouver and in this episode he shares what one of his biggest secrets has been to his success. It's simple, benefits communities, and will help you market your product or service and increase your revenue. Tune in now to listen to this episode.



Earl Flormata aka "The Evil Marketing Genius" is known as the one of the most sought after digital marketing and sales consultants in the Vancouver Marketing Space. He is famous for ranking business and people on Google and has sold over 70 million dollars worth of products and services both on and offline. What I’m really impressed with is he has also raised over 100 million dollars for charities! A programmer since the age of 5, he's always had an interest in technology and has done high-end support contract work for such agencies as NASA and the Pentagon.

When he’s not taking over the world with evil marketing tactics, Earl can be found spending time with his wife and two kids, cursing and shaking his fist at the computer while playing video games during downtime, practicing being a ninja (Earl has 3 black belts and has studied multiple martial arts styles), or mentoring others to reach success in his spare time.


Note Worthy:

3:20 Earl's Background

5:44 Transition

7:00 Lost Everything & More

9:27 Your Business Is Only As Strong As You Are

11:25 Newbie Entrepreneur Mistakes

14:17 Strengthen Your Strengths

15:01 Help People & Grow