Human Unleashed

2: Ignite Your Inner Fire with Leah Emmott

July 12, 2016


Leah Emmott shares her story how an abrupt circumstance changed her life, and how not being afraid of being a fool has led her to be the "crafty-preneur" she is today.


Leah Emmott is the founder of Inner Fire Apparel, an eco-friendly yoga apparel company based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. She fell into the world of entrepreneurship when a medical emergency in 2012 drive her to combine her love for yoga and textile design. Over a short period of time, she has been able to build a thriving business, with her products being sold in over 300 stores globally. They have been featured in publications such as Yoga Journal, OM Yoga Magazine, and She believes in giving back to the greater community and donates a portion of her profits to support global youth education. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, outdoor adventures, and playing music.

Note Worthy

1:53  Abrupt Circumstance That Changed Her Life

7:02  Meaning Behind Inner Fire

8:45  Why Yoga Puns

12:40 Charity Partnership

23:17 Being An Entrepreneur Is Like Having A New Job On Repeat

25:03 How Getting Back Up After A Fall Makes You Stronger

32:00  Don't Be Afraid Of Being The Fool

44:35 Teenage Years Of Touring Canada With Bif Naked In A Girl Band


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Favourite Quote:

"Don't be afraid to be the fool"- Leah's Dad

2016 Theme Song:

Justin Timberlake- Can't Stop the Feeling

Did you know?

Leah Emmott went on tour with Bif Naked when she was a teenager with her all-girl band Live On Release. 

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