Human Unleashed

23: Dissolving Fear Through Action With Leanne Turner

May 24, 2017

In this episode, Leanne Turner and Deidre Sirianni chat about dissolving fear through action in your business and in life. They also share some of their most embarrassing moments, as well as their biggest fears. This episode is for you if you are ready to move through fear, start your own business, or gain insight as to what being an entrepreneur is really like. Tune in for some laughs, AHA moments, and actionable steps to take you out of fear and into your power.


Leanne Turner, RDH, is the owner of Canadian Dental Staffing, a permanent and temporary staffing agency that supports dental offices throughout Canada. The CDS team specializes in providing full-service support for offices that need help with hard to fill roles or those that would like to save money and time by outsourcing their entire staffing function. She has deep interest in helping and motivating other inspiring entrepreneurs to push through the fears that are blocking them from moving towards the life of their dreams.


Show Notes:

1:30 Service Trip

6:26 About Leanne

9:30 Turning Hardship Into Gratitude

13:43 Gratitude Practice

15:40 Build Your Support System

18:50 How Vulnerability Is Your Power

22:30 Internal Dialogue When Leaving Her Career

26:49 Projected Beliefs 

33:45 Leanne's Biggest Fear

37:05 Deidre's Biggest Fear 

37:15 Dissolving Fear Through Action

37:55 Most Embarrassing Moment

42:12 Must Read Book

43:30 Final Words


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