Human Unleashed

4: Live a Radiant Life with Katie Wilken

July 25, 2016
Katie shares her story of how taking a year off from her business brought new clarity and passion to her craft when she returned.
In this episode, she tells us how she stays connected, creative and in the flow while leading a busy life despite some 
bumpy patches along the way. Katie is a successful jewelry maker, mama of three boys, and wife.
Listen to this episode for some gems on self-care, following your heart, and stepping into a radiant life you love.

Katie Wilken
Intentional Jewelry Maker, Mama, and Radiant Wellness Mentor.
Her mission is to serve as many women as possible by empowering them to step into a radiant life they love
though using essential oils, crystals, and mentorship programs.
Note Worthy
1:40  Transition

4:12  Self-Care Game

6:07 What To Do When Out Of The Flow

9:15  Tuning Into Your Energy Simplified

11:22 Who Inspires Her

18:22 Best Decision She Ever Made

19:02 Theme Song 2016


Biggest lesson Katie's learned: Trust Yourself

Latest Book: I know I am late to the game, but I am just finishing Eat, Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Favourite Quotes: Decide To Rise.  You Get What You Give.