Human Unleashed

3: The Journey Inwards with Taylor Conroy

July 12, 2016


Taylor Conroy shares his story of the time when he felt like his world was falling apart, which forced him to leave everything he knew to lead a life of purpose.  Taylor also tells us how he stays connected to his heart and shares what inspires him on a regular basis.


Taylor Conroy is a disruptive social entrepreneur best known for starting the social enterprise 'Change Heroes' that has funded over 300 projects including schools, libraries, girls scholarships,anti-sex trafficking work, clean water systems, and more in 14 developing countries around the world. Change Heroes won 'Best Social Enterprise' at theStartUp World Finals in San Francisco, is credited with impacting over 150,000people to date, and has partnered with Morgan Stanley, Disney, DHL, and some of the world's largest nonprofits including Free The Children and the UnitedNations Foundation to effect change where it is needed most. 


Taylor is a sought-after speaker who has presented around the world to over 100,000 people. He regularly presents at theUnited Nations in NY and has lectured on social entrepreneurship at Harvard,Princeton, NYU, Cornell, and Stanford. He has studied meditation with Zen monks in Japan, surfed the longest wave in the world in Peru, filmed documentaries in Cambodia, Uganda, and Ecuador, become a yoga teacher in Costa Rica, ran with the bulls in Spain, traveled to 35 countries, and explored every continent on earth. 


Note Worthy

0:40  Raised over $4 Million  
7:45  Millennials Want To See, Taste And Touch Where Their Money's Going

10:03 The Painful, Liberating, Epiphany Flashback

12:12  How To Be A Happy Human

14:30  Why You Need To Ask Yourself "What Would I Love?"

16:28  Mexico Journey And Contest Details Released!

21:00  What Living A Free Open Lifestyle Means

21:38  What's Inspires Taylor

24:56 Why Empowering Women Is Where It's At


Social Links
Main Site:
What he's excited about right now:
Journey to Mexico /// Oneness
Two people who inspire him:
Miki Agrawal and Chaya Bindell
Did you know?
He has a birthday avocado tattoo of one on his back and eats 5 a day.


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